Students often take part in some volutary work as an act of good cirizenship.

                   Write a report about an activity you participated in or heard about in your school,neighbourhood or city.

         Last week-end,I partticipated in an activity of planting trees in my district.First,the chief of association

pronounced a speech showing the nature of our task and the activity's importance.Then,we have divided into four


       Each group would plant five trees.I had been working for four hours continuosly until I finished my mission.As

soon as we had planted the trees we irrigated of water.We were all motivated in order to do that activity,me and my

friends havr worked hard to do it.I explained to people who came to see what we were  doing  that planting trees is

important for our healths,moreover they gives us the oxygene,in addition they contributed to minimise the pollution


      In conclusion,I have felt a great sensation and happiness from this activity.I'm very proud  because I have taken

part as  a good citizenship

                                                   Pollution  ( cause and effect  + solution)