the gerund

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Use of the Gerund
Gap-fill exercise
1. I can't help (feel) worried about the situation in the Middle East.
2. I think most people prefer (ride)
in comfortable cars to (walk) .
3. She loves (swim)
in the lake.
4. There's no (deny)
that he enjoys (listen) to his own voice.
5. Don't keep on (shout)
like that; you will wake up your mother.
6. I enjoy (rest)
in the afternoon after (try) to finish (do) my English homework.
7. She likes (begin)
pieces of knitting but hates (finish) them.
8. I dread (take)
examinations for fear of (fail) .
9. I couldn't resist (buy)
the lovely apples.
10. I wouldn't miss (see)
that lovely film for the world!

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